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Learn How To Do Turntablism

Written by on July 20, 2022

Turntablism is a form of hip-hop music that originated in New York City. It’s basically a combination of DJing, turntablism and breakdancing. The DJ plays the music while the turntable spins the records. Turntablism is a great way to get into dancing because it’s a lot of fun. It’s also a great way to learn how to dance.

There are many different styles of turntablism. Some people prefer the old school style which involves spinning records by hand, and others prefer the newer style which involves using a computer to spin the records. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, the old school method is slower but it allows you to see exactly what’s going on with the record. The new school method is faster but you can’t see what’s going on with the records.

Another thing about turntablism is that it’s not just for kids. There are some adults who like to do it. In fact, there are many adult turntablists who consider themselves to be part of the hip-hop community.

If you’re thinking about trying this out, I recommend that you try it at a club first. You can always find one in your area. You’ll have a better chance of learning how to do it if you go to a club instead of doing it at home. You might even find that you like it enough to want to make it your career.

You should also check out some videos of turntablists. These will help you get an idea of how to do it. If you watch a few videos, you’ll start to understand how it works. After you’ve watched a few videos, you’ll probably be able to do it yourself.

Once you’ve mastered turntablism, you’ll be able to do it anywhere. You’ll be able to do it at any party or club. You’ll also be able to do it at school or college dances. This is a great skill to have because you’ll be able to impress everyone at parties and dances.

Turntablism is a fun activity that you can do in your spare time. If you like to dance, this is a great hobby for you. It’s also a great hobby for anyone who likes to learn new skills.

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